about us

For over 50 years, families have enjoyed the seafood and fish & chips in the family dining atmosphere at our licensed restaurant. We take as much care serving the food to you as we do when preparing it fresh. There’s something for everyone on the menu, whether you’re enjoying it in our family-owned restaurant or choosing takeout! Daily specials are also available.

Fish & Chips, Seafood + More!

It’s hard to beat our delicious British-style fish & chips. We have a wide variety of Certified Wild Fish, including halibut, salmon, sole, haddock, cod and more. If you want to try something different, dig into our delicious seafood selections, including calamari, scallops, and shrimp, or ask for chicken & chips or poutine!

Made Your Way

To accommodate our customers, we can also grill your fish. You can rest assured that our fish preparration contains no trans fats and is cooked in canola or vegetable oil. Our fish is certified wild, not farmed! Kid-sized portions are also available for smaller appetites. Spice it up with some curry sauce or add gravy!